Buyer Walkthrough

{ I have a product I want to sell, and would like a seller to mail their lists with my offer. }

Step 1. Setting Up Your Account

The first step in the process is to get your account all setup to start making purchases. There are two important steps you need to complete for this. First is to verify your email account. When you first create your account you will receive an email from us asking you to confirm that we have the correct address. Simply click on the link we provide in the email to confirm.

Second is to provide your paypal email account. To do this simply hover your mouse over the profile menu on the top navigation bar. Then select settings from the drop down list. On the settings screen you can type in your paypal email and update your profile. We ask you to provide your paypal email in case there are any desputes which require refunds. This will ensure that we are easily able to refund your account.

Step 2. Finding a Solo Ad

Okay, you are now ready to find a solo ad offering that best matches the product you want to sell. To start simply select the category that best fits your needs. You will see a list of categories across the top bar in blue. Click on the category you want to look through.

When you click on a specific category you will see a full list of ads from that category. There are a couple quick things to note here. First is the search bar at the top, you can quickly search out ads from the list to better match what you are looking for. Second is to watch for ads that have the verified banners. What this means is we have personally verified these vendors offers to make sure they were able to deliever what they claimed. It is our way of helping you find vendors you know you can trust.

Step 3. Purchasing From Seller

As you look through the list of seller offers, simply click on the title of the offer that interests you. This will load a more detailed page about the offering. You can read about what they have to offer. Look at the sellers ratings, along with read any customer reviews they have. Also some sellers may offer extras you can purchase as well. For example you they might offer for an extra amount to write your sales copy for you. You can select any extras you might like to ad on to your order.

Once you feel like you have found the right seller for you, at the price you are happy with simply click the order now button in the upper right corner. This will take you over to paypal to complete your order.

Step 4. Working With The Seller

After you complete your purchase (via paypal), you will be returned to our site and be shown a screen with the sellers instructions for you. This is what they require in order to mail your offer to their list.

Provide the required information, and message them back via our system to start the work order. We ask you to use our system for all exchanges with sellers. There are a few reasons for this. It allows us to have a full record of exchanges between buyer and seller to help us settle any disputes. Also once you submit this information our system knows to give the seller the maximum of 7 days to complete the task. They can then use those days to gather any other required information from you, and mail to their lists.

Step 5. Checking Order & Disputes

When you return to the site and want to view the status of your order simply click on the Buyers menu (top and side menu). From here you can select My Orders to view all orders you have placed. From the list simply select the specific order you wish to view the status on.

When the seller has completed his end, he will mark the job as complete as well as send you a message to notify you. You will receive an email along with an update on the order's status page. We ask that you rate and fill out a quick summary of your experience. This is vitally important so future buyers can know how your experience was, and help the seller to gain trust in our marketplace.

Last of all are disputes. Our goal is to create a marketplace where this happens as little as possible. However it is always possible that you might have to go through this. If this is the case, you can start by simply going to the order page, then selecting the "Got Problems" tab next to Send A Message textbox. From here you will have a few options for marking what issues you are having. After that, if you and the seller are unable to resolve the issue, we recommend contacting to start a dispute. They will ask you to provide information on how the seller was unable to deliever as promised. From there they will review the case and determine if a refund is warranted.

From there they will review the case and determine if a refund is warranted.

If there is a cancellation/refund of your order the funds will be placed in your account for future purchases. You can see the amount under Sellers "My Sales". If you wish to be refunded via paypal please contact

Buyers are not to take Sellers off site using Skype and Email Addresses or any other method. Buyers may not make payments using any method other than placing an order through

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