Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a solo ad?

    A solo ad is an ad of yours that goes out to another person's e-mail list or website (typically an e-mail list) in order to try to get clicks from them to your offer(s). Quite often a solo ad is an entire exclusive mailing of just your ad / e-mail swipe, but occasionally some solo ads might just be smaller ads on a standard newsletter, for instance. They're a great way to get fast traffic, build a list, and make money!

  • What is the Solo Ad Marketplace?

    The Solo Ad Marketplace is a marketplace to buy and sell solo ads or traffic / clicks. You can make money by selling ads or clicks to your own e-mail list, website, etc. or you can get instant traffic / clicks by buying a solo ad from someone else. And you can do this knowing that we're here to make sure it's a smooth process that offers you a level of protection from fraud and fake clicks, as you're allowed to dispute any vendor if you spot fraud or fake clicks to get your money back. Plus, you can read other reviews and leave your own reviews of vendors to deal with only the best ones.

  • As a vendor, how much do I get paid? And what are your fees?

    It's up to you to determine your own price. Much of that often depends on the quality of your clicks / traffic and what the marketplace is willing to spend. The Solo Ad Marketplace doesn't charge a penny for you to list your offer in our marketplace, but we do take a 20% cut when you make a sale to cover our work, advertisements, support, etc.. We think that the fact that we advertise your offer for you and bring you buyers for 20% is an absolute steal for you!

  • As a buyer of a solo ad, what are your fees?

    There are absolutely no fees to you as a buyer from us. You simply pay the seller whatever their asking price is and you'll get your solo ad delivered there.

  • What is a verified vendor / offer?

    A verified vendor / offer is a seller that took the time to send us at least 100 clicks to an offer on our end where we track to make sure that their clicks seem legit and from real users. If they're verified, they'll typically get more attention in the marketplace as it will have our seal of approval on it, as well as a major level of protection against fraud and fake clicks that sometimes people leaving reviews won't necessarily know about. If you're a vendor, you can pay a small fee and mail our offer to get verified, and then all of your offers under your username will have a "verified" graphic being displayed next to them from that point on as soon as we manually verify your clicks (this usually takes under one week).

  • What is a featured listing?

    A featured listing is a listing that a seller paid a small fee to get featured on. This gives them more exposure than a non-featured listing for a very reasonable fee.

  • How do I leave a review?

    After your solo ad order is fulfilled, you can leave a review on their offer to tell other prospects about your experience and if you give them a thumbs up or down.

  • How long will my order take to fulfill?

    The maximum time we allow a seller to take to fulfill your order is 7 days, but they can advertise sooner if they want to. If they take longer than 7 days, you can open a dispute and get your money back from us.

  • What happens if I suspect fraud or get really crappy results from a solo ad?

    If you suspect fraud, you can file a dispute within 14 days from your purchase date (all sellers have 7 days to fulfill your order at tops, so that leaves an extra week to open a dispute). You can do so within your Solo Ad Marketplace account. Simply go to your payments page, click on the specific order. On the next page, where you would write a message to the vendor, click on the "Got Problems?" link. You can then select from three options. Reject Delievered Work / You and Seller Agree to Cancel Order, or Out of Ideas. In most cases you would select Reject Delievered Work. We suggest you take time to fill out what the exact issue is so you and the seller can work to resolve them, if that isn't acceptable, please contact our support immediately at and they will step in to help resolve any issues. When you file a dispute, you must provide as much evidence as possible as to why you think it's fraud or your clicks weren't delivered. You can't file a dispute just because you didn't get the results that you wanted (like if you get poor sales or low conversion, that's typically not something you can file a dispute on), as disputes are more so if there's evidence of fraud or fake clicks. For instance, if there's a total of 100 clicks and they're all from only a few IP addresses, that's probably fraud / fake. Or if the seller advertises the clicks as being U.S. only and they're almost all from some other country, that would be false advertising / fraud and something you could dispute. Both you and the seller are allowed to provide evidence to state your case, and it is up to the Solo Ad Marketplace to determine who wins the dispute. If the buyer wins, we'll refund 100% of their purchase price. If the seller wins, they'll receive their portion as well. Sellers that are found to do fraud or consistently get disputes opened are subject to immediate account termination.

  • If I sell a solo ad, do I have to guarantee a certain number of clicks?

    No, you don't have to, but it's fairly common for sellers to guarantee a certain number of clicks. If you guarantee a certain number of clicks, you have to fulfill at least that amount. If you don't guarantee a certain number of clicks, you have to make sure that your ad accurately reflects your offering (for instance, you can't say that you have a list that normally gets thousands of clicks and then lie about it when you only get 5 clicks).

  • Do solo ads have to be to e-mail lists? Can they be from other sources?

    Although it's quite common for solo ads to be from e-mail lists, they don't have to be. They can be website banner ads or any other source that you want as long as you accurately disclose what those sources are in your ad.

  • How do I get paid as a vendor? When can I take out my money?

    Once someone buys a solo ad from you, there's a 14 day grace period in case of disputes. After that you can withdraw your funds straight to your Paypal account. The grace period includes the 7 days you have to fullfil your guarantee, and then another 7 days to make sure if there are any disputes they can be resolved. When you go to your Revenues page and select the sales tab, you will see a list of your sales. Once you have delievered and the buyer marks it as complete as well, it will show up on this page with a status of "Clearing" with a number after it to represent how many days until you can be paid out. Once this counts down the number of days it will change to the status of cleared. Once cleared your money will be displayed as available to withdraw. You can either request to withdraw the funds immediately or wait until you have a few jobs completed. Simply click "Withdraw your earnings" and this will send a message to our support staff that you are ready to be paid out and they will send the money to your paypal account. Please make sure you have your paypal account information provided in your settings page so they know where to send the funds.

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