Seller Walkthrough

{ I would like to offer to send buyer's offers to my own lists for a specific price }

Step 1. Setting Up Your Account

The first step in the process is to get your account all setup to start making purchases. There are three important steps you need to complete for this. First is to verify your email account. When you first create your account you will receive an email from us asking you to confirm that we have the correct address. Simply click on the link we provide in the email to confirm.

Second is to provide your paypal email account. To do this simply hover your mouse over the profile menu on the top navigation bar. Then select settings from the drop down list. On the settings screen you can type in your paypal email and update your profile. We ask you to provide your paypal email in case there are any desputes which require refunds. This will ensure that we are easily able to refund your account.

The last step isn't manditory but it can make a big difference in your sales. That is to become a verified seller. What does that mean? Simply click on the link in your welcome screen to become a verified seller. This will take you to an order page, we ask that you pay $47 to become verified, this is to cover the cost of our verification process. Our support team will be notified and will send you instructions on how to proceed. The short of it is that we will ask you to mail to one of our lists and verify that you were able to send legitimate clicks. If everything checks out we will mark your account as verified, which adds a verified stamp to all your offerings. This in turn will let our customers know that you are a seller they can trust, and can potentially increase your revenue.

Step 2. Create a Solo Ad

Creating a solo ad is the first step to generating money on solo ad marketplace. To do this simply start by click on the seller menu and selecting "Create Solo Ad Listing". This will take you to a screen where we ask you all the data needed to create your first ad.

The create ad screen is pretty straightforward. Start by creating a title of what you are offering. We recommend putting how many clicks you are offering, along with what type of list you will be mailing to. Next you will want to list this under the correct category. Then create a more detailed description of what you are offering for those who click your ad to read more.

The section on instructions to buyers is an important step. This will be displayed to them after they purchase your ad. This would be what you specifically need from them before you are able to mail your list. For example this could be the specific copy for their product offering, along with what link to send your buyers to, etc.

Last of all are the number of days to complete, you can select anything from 1 to 7 days. You will then have that many days to gather all the information you need from the buyer and send the agreed upon clicks to their site.

Before you finish creating your ad, you have the option to ad extras. This is specifically for sellers who have something else related to this sale that the buyer might be interested in purchasing. Think of this as an upsell. For example you might write that for an extra $50 you will write their copy for them. Extras are not required, but you never know you might find them to come in handy.

Please limit your ads to 5 ads per category. Example: 5 ads under Internet Marketing/Business Opportunity 5 ads under Health & Fitness, etc. If you need to set up an ad specificl for a buyer please email us at and we can place the ad for a short time.

Step 3. Someone Purchased Your Ad!

Great News! You just received an email from us letting you know someone purchased your ad. Now what? They will see your instructions and be required to reply back from our system, with the information you required for you to start mailing your list. We require you to keep all your contact in our system and not via email. This is to ensure we have a full record to review in the case of a dispute.

To view all your orders simply select the "Manage Orders" link under the Sellers menu. This will display a full list of your orders seperating them into one of four sections. Active, which represents new orders that you are still working on. Delivered, this means you have marked your end as complete, however the Buyer has not had a chance to mark if he agrees that it is complete. Completed, this means the buyer has also marked the job as done. Cancelled, this is for any work order that both you and the buyer have agreed to cancel. This could be caused by a simple misunderstanding of the offer, or some other reason.

Step 4. Working With The Buyer

Simply click on the specific order you want to view on your "Manage Orders" page. This will display a status page which allows you to interact with the buyer. They should have completed your instructions and included sales copy and link, or whatever else you might have needed to mail. From this screen you can follow up with the buyer to get more information as needed, to complete the order, or to start a dispute.

Step 5. Finish Order & Disputes

You just checked your stats from your last mailing and you have delievered on the number of clicks. Great, it is now time to finish the order. To do this return to the Manage Orders page and select the specific order to finalize. Simply go to the "Send a Message" section and select the Deliver Completed Work tab. Enter your message to the buyer and click send to mark as delivered.

If everything looks good your buyer will mark the order as complete and after the waiting period is up your funds are released for withdrawal. However on the rare occasion something might not be right with this buyer, you have the ability to start a dispute on your end. Again from the order page you can click on the "Got Problems" tab and fill out the appropriate section marking what the specific issue is. If the problem cannot be easily resolved we recommend contacting so that they can review the case and help to make sure things are resolved appropriately.

Sellers are not to take Buyers off site using Skype and Email Addresses or any other method. Sellers may not offer or accept payments using any method other than placing an order through

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